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e-Financial Services
Our owners like the fact that we are a bit old-fashioned at the Villas. Real family vacations, traditional Pocono hospitality, and resort employees who remember you year after year. We also think it’s important to have real live friendly people when you call us about your vacation financing or maintenance fees.

But we realize that many prefer the speed and efficiency of e-communication. So we have created a Financial Services e-mailbox. Question about whether we received a payment? Want to go on ACH (Automatic Electronic Funds Transfer)? Lose your Statement? Need a payoff figure or our mailing address? Need a temporary payment plan, or want to update your debit card information? You can e-mail us at with these or any other questions or comments regarding your vacation financing or your maintenance fees. When you e-mail, please also provide your Member Number and your Phone Number – so we can locate your information, and so if your information is sensitive we can call you to protect your privacy.

On-Line Payments - Around the Clock & Around the World
We know many of our owners prefer to handle their finances after hours, and that some of our owners are overseas. You can now pay your finance or maintenance payments anytime from anywhere in the world, at Of course if you prefer to make a payment by phone, we are always happy to hear from you at 800-222-1702.


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