When I was a youngster and attending a local college, I had the opportunity to become a Recreation and Social Director at a local timeshare resort. It was the coolest job and all of my friends were envious. I was taking guests on horseback excursions, canoeing down the Delaware River and teaching families how to ski on our private ski slopes. Essentially I was being paid to have lots of fun. Looking back at those fun filled days, what I can remember most was the interaction that I enjoyed with our guests from all over the country every single week. A solid foundation of providing quality customer care was formed in my early days in the resort business.

In October, I rejoined the Bushkill Group as the Director of Financial Services and I am so very pleased to be working with a group of owners, management and staff that make owner customer care a hallmark of their daily routine. This resort has never lost sight of a business axiom that I learned while working here 25 years ago. That motto, which has stayed with me throughout all of my years working in the resort industry, is “We are Quality People providing Quality Care.” You’ve made the right choice in your recreation and vacation lifestyle and you’ve earned the right to expect nothing but ‘quality’ customer service from us.

Have a question with your maintenance fee or timeshare loan? DO NOT hesitate to call us in the Financial Services Department at 800-222-1702. My staff is committed to providing you with the best quality service ever! Not satisfied with their service? Then feel free to call me personally at extension 2235.


Dennis F. Rogers



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