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andyDear Tree Tops and Fairway Villa Owner,

Last year was such a great year for Tree Tops and Fairway Villas, we added several new amenities for owners and guests to enjoy. The TreeVentures Ropes Course which puts you in the trees safely attached to a harness and allows you to test your climbing skills. Also the addition of the dual racing Zip Racer Zip Lines were a huge hit. Starting 1000 feet away from the finish line you get the thrill of a lifetime zipping down the mountain while secured to a special safety harness, you and your kids will love this one. Last, but not least the addition of all-weather tubing with Blue Lightning was a huge success. We knew based upon how everyone loved winter tubing that the all season addition would be an exciting addition.

The best part of all this is that we have continued to give our owners special discounted rates just like we have for years with golf and winter tubing. I hope when you’re up to The Villas next you will give them all a try and that we can see your smiles at the end of the day. From all indications so many of our owners love the new facilities and will be returning more to the Villas instead of trading time elsewhere since there is so much to do at the resort and in the area. Don’t forget you can come up for just the day and have lots of fun.

This year will be another special year as we continue to focus on the improvements in and outside of the villas. Our preventative maintenance program is having a positive effect on guest satisfaction. Our goal is to try handling items in advance before they become a problem.
As always we look forward to seeing you while you’re on vacation and send photos of your family fun at the resort, we would love to see them.

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W. Andrew Worthington, CEO




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