Lola Stanley-Sylvester, Front Desk

There is nothing like a warm welcome when you check-in and Lola, with her vibrant smile and outgoing personality, is recognized with great comment card ratings year after year. Owners even give up their place in line just to catch up with her.

Lola is a native of the Bronx and has worked for The Villas at Tree Tops & Fairway at the front desk for the past 13 years. Her coworkers often refer to her as the “queen bee” for the guidance she gives to all members of her team.

Lola has nine children, eight of whom are adopted. She loves to cook and also likes to regularly participate in water aerobics at the Fairway Pool. Lola is also an RCI member and vacations in exotic places within the exchange network. Her three favorite memories are of Barbados for the gorgeous sand, the Bahamas for the stunning scenery, and The Villas at Tree Tops & Fairway for everything that is fun in the Pocono Mountains. She loves the people she encounters daily, especially our owners, who often offer her great new vacation ideas. Make sure to say hi to Lola when you next visit the resort.



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