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Dear Tree Tops and Fairway Owners,

There are lots of great changes for us to tell you about in this edition of the Villa Voice. First off, you will notice all of the planned refurbishment and past accomplishments we have made to the property and villas outlined on page 1. I have to say the grounds in and around The Villas look better than ever. The golf course is in prime condition and receiving lots of play from the owners and exchange guests coming to stay with us.
We are launching the new referral website for the Owner Referral Rewards Program, the site allows you to transact online. This will make it easy to refer family and friends and at the same time receive great benefits for doing so. Just go to our website and check out all the benefits.

At the very end of last year we made a strategic decision to sell the hotel to a company that specializes in hotels and restaurants. We did this for several reasons with one of the main ones being that our core business is vacation ownership, and now we can focus all of our energy and resources to continue to expand and improve The Villas and our amenities. The decision has paid off. Our staff is really doing a great job with the transition and owners are seeing the positive results. It will allow us to do more upgrades at one time rather than spreading our staff out. Most importantly the new owners are investing a great deal of money and energy into the hotel which by all accounts owners are liking, especially the new barbecue restaurant.

Don’t forget to come and join us for some fun. That’s what vacation ownership is all about! Bring your family and friends and take some well-deserved time for rest and relaxation.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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W. Andrew Worthington, CEO



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