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Owners Love The Flexible Use of RCI Points

Maintenance Fees Stay Low Again

If you recall last year maintenance fees were frozen at the prior year level, no increase. Even two years ago in 2009 they only went up just over 3%. Again, the great news is a nominal increase for the next year, 2011, only an increase of 1.5%. This means the Tree Tops two bedroom two bath annual fees will rise less than $10 for next year per week owned. This is great news for our owners and at the same time, a considerable renovation program is taking place. Over $4,550,000 in additional improvements above the normal maintenance has been spent over the last three years.




Have you ever asked a friend about a product or service? If you have, then you won’t be surprised to learn that most new members are introduced to The Villas through the Referral Program. Give your friends the chance to enjoy the beauty of your resort and they will have a great time and thank you for it. And it is so easy to do, just call us at 800-233-6020 with their name and phone number and we will do the rest. Or give them our phone number and have them call us.

We have added Email Only Specials this year where you can come up with your friends and EACH of you receive a complimentary weekend in a two bedroom Villa. So it’s important you make sure that we have your email address. Plus you always earn Referral Rewards that can be used for great stuff at the resort including free stays, dinners, horseback riding or even massages.

So share the fun and let your friends in on what you and your family have been enjoying. Call the Referral Department at 800-233-6020.

And by popular demand, we’ve brought back our Fall Referral Contest where you can win an all expense paid trip to Florida including airfare. See page 3 for details.

Our RCI points owners are traveling and using their timeshare in ways just a few years ago wouldn’t have seemed possible. It’s amazing how many owners have adapted the points to their lifestyles. Whether it be coming back to The Villas for short mini-vacations throughout the year and taking their one big vacation somewhere else like Orlando or beach destinations, thereby using their points to the max. Some retired owners are finding the benefits of being able to “trade down,” using a smaller villa when they travel to get more time, or even using the special “getaways” that can mean using so many less points that you can get even four weeks of vacation for one week of ownership. But most importantly, is that the use can change depending on your mood or lifestyle changes, your timeshare can now adapt to you, instead of the other way around.


One of our owners recently used their points to book a cruise for their family, something they had always wanted to do. They exchanged their points and saved over $500 on each cabin they booked. Don’t forget Cruise Perks, they add up each time you make an exchange and can save you up to $1200 on your cruise.

Another Points owner didn’t use their points, saving them to travel later, but were able to book a Gold Crown resort week for $50 per night for a resort right on the beach.

las vegas

We have had other owners who have used their points coming back to The Villas at Tree Tops and Fairway® several times in the same year. They can use a smaller villa when it’s just a couple for the weekend or book a longer stay in larger accommodations when it’s the whole family. Many have even maximized the value by staying mid-week in the summer and then either traveled for a week at another location or just back to The Villas for extra weekend getaways. It really is amazing how easy it is to do this once an owner learns the system. Most love just going online and viewing what the possibilities are and then reserving it. If you need assistance we are happy to help, we have trained counselors ready and waiting to assist at 800-528-5510. Or call RCI directly at 877-968-7476.

Lastly, don’t forget that if you want to come to The Villas at Tree Tops and Fairway® for your week of ownership, book 11 to 12 months out and there is no reservation fee. Also when trading for that higher demand location or time, the earlier you start the better. If you are booking last minute, you may find some great getaways for only 9000 points at certain resorts and times.



Notice: All RCI Weeks Members

RCI, the timeshare exchange organization has announced effective November 15, 2010, that the RCI Weeks trading system will be changed from its original format. If you are an RCI Weeks member it is important for you to understand these changes and how it will affect your timeshare when transacting exchanges. To assist in this transitional process we have had several staff members trained through RCI to explain these changes and answer any questions that arise. For more information regarding this program change and an overall exchange update please call 800-770-3765.

$1.5 Million in
Improvements For 2010

If you had the opportunity to visit The Villas this spring, you would have seen a great deal taking place in preparation of the popular summer season. The Villas Maintenance Staff along with an army of outside contractors have been working on villa improvements, road paving, pool improvements and furniture replacements throughout the property. More new signs within the property, additional outdoor pool chairs and loungers, upgraded vacuums in many of our villas and replacement of villa heating and cooling systems where needed in both Tree Tops and Fairway. You will see a difference all their efforts have made in the overall appearance of the resort and will appreciate that they have even more planned for the fall. The Villas ownership is dedicated to reinvestment in the property, by the end of this year, our combined capital spend for improvements on the entire property for the last 36 months will be $4,550,000. Keeping the units in top shape is a priority and thanks to a great ownership family, this will be a reality for many years to come.

Just imagine it’s a crisp clear sunny day and you and your family are streaking down the tubing hill with thrills and smiles on your faces. The Winter Fun Center at The Villas is a very popular owner amenity that offers single and family snowtubing along with a special Tiny Tot Play area for the under 33 inch set. Open from late December through early March, the Winter Fun Center offers family snow play fun and is easy to do. Dress for a winter day outdoors with a good pair of boots and head on over to snowtubing. When you get there, sign your release form, purchase your discounted owner ticket then get out and snowtube. Sit in a tube to ride up the hill then slide down and repeat. It is that easy. Come on out and play in our Pocono winter wonderland.



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