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Getting to Know Nancy Sanchez-Taylor &
Arthur Taylor of Brooklyn, NY

When did you convert to Points?

July 2008

What kinds of tips do you recommend to Points Owners to maximize usage?

Try to plan ahead of time, when you know when your vacation will be, start planning then, waiting until the last minute gives you less choices.

Why do you enjoy vacationing at The Villas?

I get to bond with my family, we do activities together, and it’s close to home, easy access. You feel like you got away but its not too far away. And we like the shopping opportunities.

What is your favorite part about Points?

You have more choices. Points opens up a whole world of possibilities. My children were small when we first became members at The Villas at Tree Tops & Fairway and now my son is in college and doesn’t really vacation with the family much anymore. With my points I am going to plan a trip to Greece, I know my children would love to go somewhere like that and I get to have my whole family on vacation together again. Also there’s more flexibility with Points, you can stay for the week or just the weekend.

Do you have an insider recommendation for a restaurant you enjoy while visiting The Villas?

We like Friendly’s and Perkins and Pizza Hut. Mama Bella’s has a breakfast buffet and we enjoy that.

Tell us a little about your family and any fond memories of experiences that you have had while at The Villas.

I remember putting my son and my daughter on those little plastic sleds so they could slide down the hill and now my son is in college and my daughter is fifteen.

We have great memories as a family during the winter and in the summer we loved the activities and the paddleboats. My husband and I enjoyed a trip to Bushkill Falls by ourselves once, which was nice.

I have a lot of good memories of our times at Tree Tops and Fairway.

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