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2010 Annual Dues Frozen
At 2009 Levels

The annual membership dues for the forthcoming year are being kept at the prior year levels. We have reviewed both operating cost and the circumstances of the nation’s economic condition and felt it was our obligation to maintain the dues level at a rate that would benefit the members. In addition, we have continued to fund improvements to the resort. As most Americans have felt some pain from more difficult economic times, we know that our members still cherish their vacations. Fortunately Tree Tops and Fairway Villas are only a tank of gas away for most owners and offer an economical way to preserve the much needed vacation from today’s hectic family lifestyles.

As a company, we value the loyalty of our members and keep an eye on the long term. We recognize that times will get better, and we hope our devotion to you will be returned by bringing your friends and families back time and time again.

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